Help keep your child
safe with the Aspis8 App.

The advanced APP, which powers the Aspis8 watch, offers a wide range of different functions designed to keep your child safe; however, please remember it can never act as a substitute for a concerned parent or guardian.

The Aspis8 Watch will keep “watch” when you cannot, enabling you to establish pre-set limits for your child, using the advanced geofence facility. This is supported by an alert function, should your child leave that area or if the battery is running low.

Acting as a Cellular phone, the advanced talk facility enables you to keep in verbal contact with your child and reward him or her from your smartphone. These rewards can be for good behaviour, achieving targets in fitness, homework, or to positively reinforce other areas of their lives.

The App provides a wealth of functionality. We invite you to check it out for yourself and see how it works in conjunction with your new Aspis8 watch.

PLEASE NOTE: While the App can be downloaded for Free you will not see all of the functions until it is matched with the IMEI number on your watch.