Aspis Global Tracker

This is the Universal Aspis8 Global Tracker, especially developed for children of all ages, lone workers and the vulnerable elderly. It provides real time school friendly tracking and features a powerful SOS button that when pressed immediately sends a silent urgent call for help to your mobile pinpointing the holders exact location.

Just compare the features:

• Full tracking history and instant SOS
• Real time tracking.
• Never makes a sound so ideal for school environments
• Gives speed and geo fence alerts
• Tough and robust
• Works anywhere in the world
• Can be used to track cycles, cars, motor bikes

The Aspis8 Global Tracker features a powerful clip to fix it on to belts, back packs, cycles or motor bikes. It can also be permanently fixed inside your car via the “cigar” charger.

It comes with a Pay as You Go Sim and to get you started we have added £10 of credit, enough to last for around four months or you can install your own SIM. No contracts, no hassles and no other hidden charges - just a one off cost of £79.

Price : £79.00

Price : £79.00