• I have logged out of the App and I can no longer reconnect?

    Mobile phones frequently cache information. If you have previously logged out of the App then try restarting you mobile or tablet device.

  • Why is this watch possibly the coolest watch in the world?

    ​The Aspis8 watch and Aspis8 app connected with a secure specific Aspis8 sim card gives you the parent/ carer some added peace of mind. It can motivate, communicate and locate at the touch of a button. Giving confidence to the child that they can get hold of you simply and instantly, keeping watch when you can’tb- and it also tells the time.

  • Is it waterproof?

    It is splash proof, rain proof and dunk proof. Let’s not go swimming in it and take it off at bath time.​

  • How is it a fitness device?

    With other modern tech devices, children are sitting more. We want to have children more active and have applied a fitness step count. Measure the child’s stance and accurately monitor the steps and activity they do. Working with the rewards system, we have found this to be very beneficial especially during holiday times when there is more time to sit in front of the games console or computer, tablet or TV. For example 1000 steps a day, gets 10 aspis gold star rewards compared to an hour on the console. You will find your child wearing the watch to not miss out on those valuable steps. Making the watch useable and fun makes it wanted and worn.​

  • What’s the reward system for?

    ​Although a simple, fun part of our Aspis8 system, it’s proven to be well used and very well liked. On the front of the watch, you will see illuminated brightly, a small gold star and a number aside it. Simply press rewards on the app and slide the scale to the chosen number and instantly apply that many gold stars to the watch face. We have found that by showing this feature to the child at the beginning they want to wear it and they want to receive more rewards. This can be applied in so many different ways, from good deeds, home work, a tidy room, good behaviour, positivity, practise etc. When they reach the max number of 100 gold stars they can receive a treat of your choosing and you can re set the rewards to zero. Note: You can remove gold star rewards for bad behaviour at any time.

  • How’s the 999 Call Button work?

    The 999 emergency button was another unique emergency feature. In an emergency we need to be able to respond quickly, time is of the essence so in an event your child needs help, without having to come out of the app, swipe your phone, dial numbers, you can just press the red 999 call button and get straight through to our emergency services.​

  • What’s a Geo fence?

    The geo fence is a way of setting a type of boundary. You can set a perimeter to a location and if they wander outside that boundary it will notify you immediately. ​

  • What if they turn it off?

    The only button on the phone turns it on and off and acts also as the emergency SOS button. Once you have input the SOS numbers in the App, the button can only act as an SOS button. The turning off is disabled and only you can turn the device off through the app.​

  • What’s the SOS button do?

    ​The SOS button stands separately to the phonebook and is for emergency only. You can apply 3 names and numbers to the SOS part of the app. In an emergency, the child can quickly press the only button located on the watch and this will directly connect to the first SOS number. The app will immediately let you know there’s an emergency and connect you instantly.

    Warning: While the Aspis8 Watch is an advanced device that will help you track your child,children or loved ones and will help you keep in touch, it should never be considered as a substitute for a parent or other responsible adult. The Aspis8 Company takes no responsibility for the personal safety or wellbeing of any person wearing or using its watch or any other product(s) promoted or sold by the company.

  • How does the phone book work?

    The phone book is their access page to communicate out but you maintain the control of the phonebook in the App. You can input 10 names and numbers at a time and they will instantly show in the watches phone book. They swipe to the phonebook page on the watch and the list will appear for them to talk and message.​

  • How does the messaging work?

    The messaging system is a unique communication programme developed by our own computer engineers. It allows a child to simply speak in to the watch and send a voice message to any device at no additional charge. It adds up to a happy hello to a friend or relative, a way of communicating their tone and an early freedom to talk to others while you are still in control of the phonebook and numbers that they can access.​

  • Does it come in other colours?

    ​No, it comes in yellow which is the universal safety colour. We wanted to make a reliable and useable safety and communication device not a fashion accessory. Through our sales and marketing quickly people will recognise a yellow watch and its capability therefore be pre warned to the wearer being connected to a parent and or carer. Although not advised the Aspis8 watch can change its strap to other compatible strap designs.

  • Can I call the watch and speak to my child?

    Yes. Each watch has its own phone number that only you control. You can call and message the watch just like calling any other number. You can force the watch to call you. Also, you can covertly call the watch making a silent call that doesn’t alert the wearer, allowing you to listen in on what’s happening. All controlled by you and the Aspis8 App.

  • Can my child call their friends?

    Yes, they can call any number that you have added and approved to the watches phonebook through the app. They cannot add a number; call a number that you have not authorised in the app. Once you have added a number to their phonebook they can call and send voice messages. Calls are charged at standard rates however our unique voice messaging system allows your child to simply send a voice message at no charge to any device anywhere.​

  • How easy is it to set up and use?

    Once you receive your watch and downloaded the app it’s very simple to use for both the watch wearer and app user. The quick start guide inside the box will get you up and running and more detailed instructions can be downloaded from our website.

  • Can I track multiple devices?

    Yes, as large as your family you can have multiple devices running on your app. Naming each watch, making it unique for each child you can then track them individually and have instant connectivity to all.​

  • How does the watch track my child?

    ​Using a unique blend of location positioning systems, GPS and A-GPS the Free, specially developed UK downloadable, ‘Aspis8’ App allows you to check your child’s location on your smart phone map - at any time. The tracking icon will track your child’s location, speed, and even give you an instant address. The history will show the time and location and all this is controlled by you with the Aspis8 app.

  • What makes the Sim Card better than others?

    The SIM card has been produced to only work with your watch. Our sim has a secure private network infrastructure that secures data and gives a greater chance of connectivity especially in times of emergency when networks can become very busy. It also is enabled to roam globally.

  • What makes this better than other GPS tracking devices?

    People have often seen or heard about this type of device before but mostly in negative light. Devices wouldn’t connect, wouldn’t track and were unreliable. We wanted to produce a device that works, not a product to just retail but a product to help keep children safe and give them an easy and reliable way to communicate. Our Aspis8 watch and Aspis8 app do just that, the app has been built by us for you and works with simple and immediate accuracy. The Sim card has been developed specifically for the watch and only works with this device using a blend of connectivity to give you a reliable product.​